CBT/NT Tease & Torture

Cock, balls and nipples, your prized jewels & perky tits. Wide ranges of cbt/nt play, even beginners can enjoy. A gentle swoosh of a deerskin flogger or electrical – stim play with levels, low-high. Not into pain? Then, you’ll be bound, teased and mercilessly denied. The Mistress will set you straight, with items to suspend, bind, punish, stimulate, stretch, sensually deprive, humiliate and train.

Ways To Torture Your Prized Jewels & Perky Nipples

Mistress knows they’ve only brought you trouble, that’s why your here isn’t it? You’ve babied them for way to long, giving them much attention and credit to your excess or lack of manhood. Let Me help you get, that all straighten out. Of course knowing how precious they are to you, how reluctant you might be, I’ll have to restrain you first. Wouldn’t want My methods to get interrupted or my hand slip whilst holding those instruments. Oh, if you feel the urge to scream not a problem, I have lots of gags for boys like you. So are you ready to let Mistress help you?

Parachute Ball Stretchers and Weights
Testical and Nipple Inflation
Hot Wax and Ice play
Medical Play Piercing
Heger & Dittle Sounds and Probes
Vampire Gloves
Cock Rings, Nipple Clips and Clamps

Oh dear, almost forgot to mention; My lovely feet (stocking-clad or bare), fingers and My stiletto’s heels and boots. Cock, Ball and Nipple, Trampling Kicking, Squeezing, Twisting and Pinching.

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Not Into Pain?
Bound, Teased & Mercilessly Denied

Not into Pain? Don’t fret. Most slaves and submissive’s are not masochists, a session with Me need never involve physical discomfort. Although My arsenal of weapons includes floggers, paddles and crops, it also includes My low whisper in your ear, My soft finger tips, and My perfume. I can easily control you with My voice, My touch and My very presence; a control you’ll willingly relinquish.

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Chastity Training & Key Holding


  • The Venus 2000

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  • Ball Infusions

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  • Wish List *Milking Machines & Attachments*

    Several communications with Stuart from SeriousKit, has had Mistress really, wanting this outrageous piece of equipment…Truly Mind Blowing! Be it’s first victim, Mistresses birthday is next month!

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