My Specialties
Medical Fetish & Sissification

Victoria Hunter’s specialties, Medical Fetish and Sissification, are two highly unusual areas of bdsm play, not commonly found among Professional Mistresses, they are extremely extraordinary and very much, a niche area of this LA Domina’s practice.

 LA Medical Fetish Dominatrix and Sissy Sissification Mistress specialist, Los Angeles Victoria Hunter treats submissive male patients, wearing official white nurse uniform at Her private medical clinic facility, Orange County CA

    As a former nurse, patients are comforted knowing they are in good hands. Victoria is a delightful medical specialist, extremely skilled in procedures and therapies and is Head Nurse and Owner of The Clinic. My Medical Specialties, fantasy; cath’s, sounds, infusions, suturing, stapling, enema play and much more. The White Room, holds an array of clinical equipment, gleaming white walls, mirrors, rubber and spotless stainless steel instruments. Cabinets filled with unique equipment which is continuously expanding. The Clinic maintains its own website and is currently being revamped with new and exciting additions. Please check back!

    Sissification Mistress

    A dedicated and private dressing studio, offering full feminization and makeovers for crossdressers and sissies, with opportunities to experience public outings, shopping, events and more. Victoria has been turning boys into girls since, 1998 and is owner of As a  known feminatrix, sissy’s understand, it’s a rare opportunity to be under the supervision of both a strict and demanding Pro Domme and a loving and gentle feminization Mistress. Truly a sissy’s dream come true. You may visit The Salon here.

    Not only is she beautiful herself, but she has an expertly equipped Clinic, and her knowledge of her specialties is SUPERB! She’s definitely the very best, and I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone who needs a True Nurse! ~ Baltimore, MD

    The Dominatrix

    A short bio on Mistresses diverse background. Nurse to Dominatrix, Her Pro Dom beginnings and Her Sisterhood.

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    My Reviews

    I thank you for expressing yourself through these kind words and trusting Me with your presence. I’m honored to post them, to share with others.

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    My Wishlist

    Over a decade of devotion. Your gifts, tokens and thank you letters, are so appreciated! These are my current wishes, desires and needs.

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