Financial Servitude

Financial Domination, Financial Servitude, Financial Exploitation, Loyal Devotee and Benefactors, whatever you want The Domina to call it, is fine with Her. The point is…you’ve been following Her for years, drooling over Her images and fantasying about Her in your dreams. Now you may, thank Ms. Victoria, in a very special way. 

Financial Servitude Exploitation and blackmail role play sessions Prodom Victoria Hunter wears latex rubber dress, black stilettos heels while Dominating trains submissive males benefactors loyal devotees to serve worship Mistress at Her LA Dungeon

Maximum Service

Although I’d prefer, thoroughly sizing you up in person, to determine your maximum service to Me. I understand due to distance, inhibitions or the need for discretion, that’s not always possible. Therefore, knowing your need to serve and make restitution, there’s no time like the present, to work out, our own special arrangement, just you and I. Don’t fret, Mistress always has your best interest at heart, just look how happy these little ones have become.

How Happy You’ll Be

Dearest Most Serene Highness, Your slave is so excited! Please let me know what time You want me to delivery and install the tv’s wall mounts. As far as Your other projects, there is no problem with getting the items. i will make it happen! Thank You for Everything, i do so love serving. There are no words to describe how appreciative Your slave is for Your kindness!

Good Morning Mistress, i completed Your shopping list, Please let me know when You would like me to deliver it to You. Also i hope the last delivery i left for You was to Your complete satisfaction!!! i love being Your slave and doing Your shopping and i want You to know again, You do not have to wait to have a huge list, anytime You need anything no matter how small, i will be there for You!!!! i don’t want You spending Your precious time or Your money shopping for this stuff!!! Please use me anytime!!!

Mistress Victoria, when i saw my credit card statement i felt a sudden sweat come over me. Have You taken the cruise yet? my statement shows You booked it with Royal Caribbean. i hope You’ll send me a few photographs. You sure are a dangerous Female, who likes to break men like me. You must have personally known that waitress, when You took the bill, i knew You were filling in a generous tip, but not a $500 one! Thank You, Mistress.

Of course, Mistress can use all levels of dear ones, as I understand some of you may not yet avail with greater means. No worries, I will find something for you and you will be proud of your accomplishments. To be considered you must send the following; (I will not reply, unless both steps are completed.)

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