E-Stim Erotica, Electro Stimulation

E-Stim; To excite a (a nerve, gland ) with erotic sensations, that repeatedly tease and torment with particular emphasis on the male genitals. Electro Stimulation, a specialty skillfully delivered by Mistress Victoria and dungeon OC, professionally and massively stocked with every Estim-power box and attachment, ever made. (Content still being added).

Your Worst Nightmare Come True

Electro Stimulation. Having trouble remembering your duties around the house? Repeatedly being told to take the trash out? Unproductive, lazy at work? Chronic masturbator? Little fattie? The Mistress will snap you out of it, be prepared however as some preparation may be necessary (shaving) to obtain desired results. Restraints may also be used should you ave a sudden change of mind.

Sessions conducted in the Black Room. Padded walls to drown out your cries and whimpers, the famous “Munchen Bondage Bed” which to My knowledge no other has in the U.S.A. Stainless steel crash cart containing every electrical device ever made.

Will the Mistress be gentle and compassionate or divinely strict?

EStim Erotica cock balls torture, Electro stimulation play, butt plug, penis electrical sounds ProDom Victoria Hunters LA dungeon professionally stocked toys, P.E.S. Folsom PSG‑202 Box Eros Tek ultra violet wand and Tens unit

Multiple, Erostek Units, including Erostek ET312B,
Erostek 232 and Erostek302R, Dual Channell Wireless Remote, Electra Stim Flick EM60, P.E.S Original and P.E.S. XS, Zeus 6 Channel Digital, Folsom PSG-202
EStim Erotica, electro stimulation electro sex popular medical fetish session with professional LA dominatrix Victoria Hunter at Her Los Angeles dungeon

Galvanic and Ultrasound Machines, Tens and EMS units
Ultra Violet Wand with Multiple Attachments,
Muscle Stim Machine with 15 leads, Shock Collar, Taser and Bee Stinger
Electro Stim electro sex electrical stimulation prodom session Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA private dungeon
…She peered into my eyes…I struggled as She watched and enjoyed my reaction to the shock treatment…

~Glendora, CA

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