Kidnapping Fantasy

kid-ˌnap; to abduct, carry off, capture, snatch; forcibly or by deceit, for means of Ms. Hunter’s entertainment, confinement, brainwashing and manipulating. Worldwide snatches available. Cleverly choreographed, utilizing technology, other Prodommes worldwide are arranged, Mistress Victoria, watches in “real time” your entire plight, directing your fate, from the crucial first moments, until your release.

Airports, Hotels & Parking Lots

Think your safe? Over the years Mistress and her cronies have pulled off the most, seemingly impossible abductions. Paying off taxi drivers, waitresses, bartenders, bellhops, maids, utilizing sexy vanilla girlfriends and if necessary bringing in the boys; Mistresses hard core, in your face, tatted up Harley riders. Each thrilled to be in the game. Massive amounts of adrenaline will be coursing through your veins once you’ve booked such an adventure. It should be.

Long Distance, Worldwide Snatches

Is the idea of being taken forcefully getting under your skin? Do you think because your not in My town it can’t happen?  Everywhere you think your safe, your not. Mistress can get to you. Abductions with other well known Pros worldwide can be arranged. Utilizing technology, Mistress Victoria watches in “real time” your entire plight. Directing your fate, from the crucial first moments throughout your captivity. Until your release, you are under My control.

Kidnap Details Never Revealed

Be warned, Mistress never discloses details regarding the how, where or when. Once your deposit and booking are received, a series of questions will be asked, some pertinent, some not. All part of  keeping you “thrown off”  thus keeping Mistresses true intentions hidden. All the better for you, I promise. If you are traveling, will remain in a location for several days, all the better as the suspense heightens, not knowing which day your abduction will take place. Cleverly choreographed and expertly executed, why not add this fantasy with an overnight, 24/7 or longer, incarceration session. Still think your safe?

kidnap; to abduct, carry off, capture, snatch; forcibly or by deceit, for means of Mistresses entertainment, confinement, brainwashing, manipulating.
identity;  the sense of self, to verify, recognize, establish as being a particular person; to be stripped, by order of Mistress.
Sucker; pretty obvious, isn’t it ?

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