Humiliation Play

hu·mil·i·a·tion n/noun, the act of Mistress humiliating you; causing embarrassment, mortification, shaming you in public, indignity, ignominy, disgrace, discomfiture, dishonor, degradation, discredit, belittlement, opprobrium. If requesting this session, communicate to Victoria clearly, what humiliation, means to you, as it has different meanings, to different people.

Humiliation sessions, Los Angeles Professional Dominatrix Victoria Hunter disgraces male subjects trains subs with verbal physical degradation scenes, face slapping spitting, dominating punishing enemas, publicly embarrassing slaves LA Dungeon

Public Disgrace

I excel at humiliation and will push all your buttons, at once, effectively breaking you into a whimpering, blabbering, mishmash and if agreed upon, will use every public opportunity, to embarrass you. Verbal and physical abuse, always included, for free. Your shameful and long harbored secrets, handed over. You’ll be set-free and thank Me, afterwards.

…my eyes grew wide as i realized that my freshly spanked ass was about to be waxed~Montery, CA

Physical Degradation

You’ll be My servant, My footstool, and do My housework. I’ll make you sing for Me and My friends, make you act, like a dog, a pig, a cat. In short, make a monkey out of you.

You’ll be slapped, kicked, spat on and forced fed. I may, give you, a good old fashion, mouth- soaping, take you to the vietnamese hair salon and have the nice lady, remove all your body hair. I may, give you, a ginormous Castile filled, hot and painfully soapy enema, throw a diaper on you and make you sit, in your car. What?…want to speak with My slave, who messed on himself and ruined his car interior, forever?  

Verbal Belittlement

I may, give you a thorough tongue lashing, I may, treat you, to a rigmarole of toilet trash, regarding all that’s wrong with you. Verbal abuse, an important part of a humiliation scene and very much, a liberating experience, for The Mistress. 

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