Victoria’s Wish List

As many continue to ask, what it is Mistress Victoria, most desires, I have listed below My current wishes, although gifts are not expected, they are always appreciated and enjoyed. Should you select, dungeon gear or fetish attire for the Domina, I would be delighted to christen it with you!

Mistress Victoria Hunters Wish List  Los Angeles bdsm slaves, male submissives worship and serve popular Femdom and Her private Dungeon facility in LA

Over 2 decade’s of dedication! Truly amazing. Fondly recalling, many acts of service and private procurements that were generously given, I thank you for making it all possible, your gifts, tokens and thank you letters, are so treasured. A few personal point to share;

My birthday is July 15th.
I stand barefoot at 5’9 (6’2 in heels) 128 lbs and My measurement are, 34C/26/35
My high-arched foot is size 10.
I love to read, my library at home is huge. Some favorite topics are world religions, anthropology, and science stuff. I relax best while working in my garden or hitting balls at the driving range. I love to cook and experiment so I’ll eat anything! I’m a very health conscious person, vegetables and wholesome salads are a major part of my diet. I am committed to fitness and workout with a trainer each week, as well as attend yoga classes of all kinds.

A place to extend my warmest thanks to those who generously gifted Me.

  • Dungeon & garden tasks, thank you, slave thomas!
  • Imported Italian cookies! thank you stefano!
  • A “huge collection” of authentic vintage, dental instruments! thank you sissy daisy!
  • Wonderful books! thank you sissy brooke!
  • Beautiful handmade, pottery tea carafe, thank you!
  • 1950’s vintage medical glass syringe, thank you!
  • Sephora gift card, thank you “hard&fast” helen!
  • Canon EOS 80D camera, thank you sissyslave gregg!
  • Burke Williams, Day Spa Treatments, thank you dakota girl!
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 phone unlocked, thank you jerry!
  • Macy’s e-gift card thank you, lisa doll!
  • Barnes & Noble e-gift card thank you, helen!

Thank you for your gift inquires. I would be delighted in receiving e-gift cards this year…if you wish to gift Me with a spring or summer 2018, holiday get-away, please make contact for booking details…if you wish to be “Super Amazing” this year and assist Mistress with some “Very Needed” construction projects, (read here) I would be happy to share My desires with you. Thank you, so very much!  ~V

Please send e-gift cards to…


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The Dominatrix

A short bio on Mistresses diverse background. Nurse to Dominatrix, Her Pro Dom beginnings and Her Sisterhood.

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My expertise in these two areas of bdsm play are highly unusual and not commonly found among Professional Mistresses.

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I thank you for expressing yourself through these kind words and trusting Me with your presence. I’m honored to post them, to share with others.

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