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Experience, role play reenactments & kinky fantasy’s, with an exceptionally talented, Los Angeles Prodomme, who excels in crafting real, life-like scenarios. Dungeon OC has available a variety of dedicated, themed rooms, revert back to earlier days, schooling in Ms. Hunter’s classroom or perhaps a Doctor/Nurse visit at The Clinic, for your mandatory employee physical.

Role play creative fantasy reenactments  Strict LA Domina Victoria Hunter, School teacher submissive school boy wooden school desk forced into humiliating acts, experimental procedures from kinky nurse themed rooms uniforms private Orange County Studio

A disclosure regarding this image; an outstanding demonstration of role play, it’s source unknown. Please inform Mistress, if you should learn of it.

Domestic Scenes

Your beautiful young aunt who caught you in her panty draw.
The babysitter who dressed you up and humiliated you.
The neighborhood lady who asked you to do some chores.
The step mother, governess matron and boss lady.

School Scenes

Visit Miss Hunter’s study, a magical experience bringing past Teacher, Schoolmarm or Head Mistress fantasies to a reality. You may have been called timmy or johnny, I’ll want to know as I like to make these scenes as realistic as possible. Discuss your ideas with Mistress and She will create an outstanding reenactment, start to finish. Homework is given and corrected. Waste your time in class and I’ll know about it. You’ll be made to confess so you understand why your being punished and may be stripped to your underclothes, hands on head, standing next to My rack of paddles and canes.

Creative Scenes

Medical mandatory work related physicals, school physicals , volunteer for experimental testing, male to female hormone treatments, dental procedures,
Warden- prisoner, Army Superior-private, Equestrian-stable boy, Police Officer-criminal, Superhero-villian

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