My Reviews, Lovely Words, By Lovely People

Thank you for expressing yourself through these kind words, I’m honored to post them. While retrieving these from My emails, I had a moment. Really it was more like a wow!, re-reading the enormity of the impact, some of you experienced took my breath away. I thank you for trusting Me with your presence and for gifting Me with such indelible memories. My thoughts are with you.~Mistress Victoria

Sexual Theater At It’s Finest

Sexual Theater at it’s finest! Mistress Victoria is a gorgeous, tall, lean, mean machine of Dominance and her facility (carefully hidden away in a nice, private area) is the best, most well-equipped I’ve ever experienced. Awesome! ~ Los Angeles, CA

The Most Incredible Experience Of My Life

The most incredible experience of my life. She is absolutely spectacular in every way. Her intuitive artistic mastery is beyond compare, and when coupled with astounding beauty the result is transporting. Nurse Victoria operates at a entirely different level than anyone else could possibly achieve or aspire to. A simple thank you cannot convey the gratitude for Her impact ~ CA

Absolutely Top Notch

Having “some” experience over the last 30 years, I can honestly say that Victoria is absolutely top notch. ~Birmingham, UK

Trust In A Complete Stranger

Dear Mistress Victoria, Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. As a “first timer” I was quite nervous, on my way to see you I was wondering how I could put my trust in a complete stranger, however as soon as I met you I realized that I had placed my trust with the right person. You have helped me to open up a whole new world, you have taken my fantasy and made it reality, thank you! I am looking forward to my next session with you! ~Dallas, TX

Detachment And Obliteration Of My Maleness

I wanted to thank you again for today. I don’t know the names of the worlds where you took me—some may call them Nirvana or bliss or paradise. To me those don’t do the experience justice. They imply a destination, and where I was was just a space, a shadow of dimension, a levitation. A place where I belong. Instinctively I trusted. Implicitly I submitted. Out of respect, honor and adoration I told you my stories. Tears gathered just below the surface several times—tears of gratitude, of humility, of pure, unsullied and decadent peace. Tears shed for all the years, the failures, the horizons that turned to cul de sacs. It was a spiritual exercise, the grandest kind. You detached me from the world, and I am so touched by your generosity, imagination, and application. Detachment and obliteration of my maleness—the absolute dehumanization—thank you, Mistress, thank you Domina, thank you. You brought a sad soul to the light. No small task. ~Minneapolis, MN

Worth Every Penny

I wanted to try a session with an independent Mistress in OC. She was very pleasant on the phone and made me feel comfortable even though I was nervous. We set up a time. When I knocked on the door she looked extremely sexy. The pictures on her site do not do her justice. She greeted me warmly and wanted to talk about the session since it was my first time with her. The atmosphere was very relaxed and she made me feel very comfortable. After filling out a form on my likes and dislikes, she asked me to describe my fantasies and fetishes. We began to play out my fantasy and I could not have been happier. She was excellent at bondage and role-play and is a very sensual dominant when she wants to be. She was really into the scene and never looked at the time. She is worth every penny and I would see her again! ~Raleigh, NC

Trust And Safety

I had such a fantastic time, it was truly a pleasure to meet you. Its been a long time since a session has stayed with me all week, but ours last Monday has and a really big thank you for taking me out! Even though I had just met you, I felt a level of trust and safety that you were going to push me, while watching out for me. Can’t wait to get out again! ~ San Jose, CA

The Very Best

Not only is she beautiful herself, but she has an expertly equipped Clinic, and her knowledge of her specialties is SUPERB! She’s definitely the very best, and I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone who needs a True Nurse! ~ Baltimore, MD

My Pantyhose Clad Legs

I first sought out Mistress Victoria about a month ago after longing for years to find a Mistress who was not only well equipped in various electro-stim devices but also had a passion for them as well. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at her lovely clinic. As she greeted me at the door with her stunning long slender legs clad in her sheer white pantyhose and wearing her nurses uniform, I knew I was in for a special treat. She first wanted to know a little about me and then we were off to my session. She had discovered that I had been snooping through her lingerie and decided that since I had been so naughty she had best see me wearing it. She found that I had brought some black crotchless pantyhose along with a silky chemise. She insisted that i wear them. As she slowly pulled the pantyhose on my legs her soft touch made me melt under her power. My heart was racing so fast as she pulled them up and had me slip into the chemise. She caressed my pantyhose clad legs and every now and then reminded me with a firm spank that she was in charge and was going to have to administer some treatment to me for being such a naughty boy. She led me into her examination room where I was told to place my legs into the examination table stirrups. She strapped my arms down and assured me that there was no pain YET. Next thing I knew I was being prepped for some electro shock therapy. She peered into my eyes as she continued to caress the silky nylon covering my legs all the while she manipulated the knobs on the electro device causing shocks to my body parts. I struggled as she watched and enjoyed my reaction to the shock treatment. My session with Mistress Victoria was amazing. I am looking forward to the next time. ~Glendora, CA

Over-The-Top Magnificent!!!

Over-the-top Magnificent!!! I recently had my first session with Victoria at her amazingly equipped facility in O.C. I requested a medical session with an equestrian flavor. Victoria was clad in exquisite riding gear and conducted an incredibly first-rate, intense experience. Victoria really puts the “pro” in pro-domme. She has top-level talent, and almost mind-reads her subject. I experienced session activities in three of her different theme rooms. I’m looking forward to another visit soon with this outstanding professional.~ San Fransisco, CA

The $$ Spent With Her Was Worth It

The best Dom in the OC! She has the most BDSM equipment of any Dom I have experienced. The $$ spent with her was worth it. ~Manhattan, NY

Houdini In A Straitjacket

I wanted to thank you again for our session yesterday. Every chance I get to spend time in a straitjacket leaves me calm and relaxed for weeks after. I especially want to thank you for being suspended upside down in a jacket. As I said yesterday it has been a dream of mine to be inverted in a straitjacket since I read about Houdini doing it. Though I don’t think Houdini was lucky enough to have a beautiful woman doing it, his loss, my gain. I must also say it is a rare pleasure to sit and talk, even for a short time, with someone as charming and urbane as you. ~ Pasadena ,CA


INSANE session today! Perfect mixture of the sensual and the savage, Mistress Victoria is a fantasy come true. ~Los Angeles, CA

I Was Blown Away

When I saw her I was blown away. Not some young chick but a tall stunning full grown lady. Better than pics. She had tall heels that put her at over 6′, great figure and stunning piercing eyes. A longtime Pro Domme, very well equipped, amazing multi room dungeon. It is so well equipped it looks like a retail store. ~San Diego, CA

Highest Quality Equipment

i want to Thank You for by far the “treatment” i have ever had! You bring the definition of Dominatrix to the highest level and everything i have ever fantasized or wish for was answered. From the beautiful place you have for a dungeon the amazing rooms of the highest quality equipment not to be found anywhere else. But best of all, the most fantasist Dominatrix that can deliver a sharp crack with the Cain, turn up the level on an electronic device, then follow with a soft velvet touch of your fingers. Wow i’m getting excited just thinking about the time we spent together. Thank You again and i will see you again soon. ~Phoenix, AZ

A Tall Knock-Out

I had not had a good session in a while so I called Mistress Victoria, one of the few in Orange County, California. She was able to see me the next day. She is a tall knock-out and knows what She is doing!” Upon arrival I filled out a questionnaire of what I wanted and she took it from there. She has multiple medical and dungeon rooms. She is awesome looking and acting. Will see again for sure. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Definitely A 10

I would like to thank you so very much for the greatest nurse fantasy session I’ve ever experienced. As I said, I have tried numerous mistresses during the 5 years I’ve been doing this type of play and on a scale of “1 to 10”, you are definitely a “10” and I would like to see you again around the 1st week of August. You are definitely a very gorgeous woman with an irresistible body. (The Little Man from Arizona) ~Scottsdale, AZ

True Mastery

Dear Mistress Victoria, Just wanted to, again, let You know how wonderful my experience was with You last night. You have a true mastery of Your skills. You knew just where that was and how close or far You could push me. I was in another world, but felt completely safe under Your control. I know for a fact that VERY few Mistresses have the intellect, beauty, insight and skill that you posses. Thank You for sharing these things with me. Sincerely yours….

Very VERY Hot

So I decided that I finally wanted to try a real mistress for some serious S&M. I was nervous about what the experience would really be like, so I searched around and found Mistress Victoria’s I liked what I saw there. After passing a reasonably extensive security check, I set my appointment. This was the first of two meetings we would have in July; both were very VERY hot. In our first meeting, MV dressed in a mommy/aunt dress. Very Conservative. She played my aunty who always wanted a girl. We spent 20 minutes or so in the “powder room” where she carefully and very slowly dressed me and applied makeup. It’s impossible not to be turned on by MV’s looks. No matter what your personal preferences may be., I think most of us appreciate a tall, slender, attractive woman with killer legs. I think she used to be a runway model; she has incredible poise. She caressed and cooed me into a state of near frenzy. Then, she led me to the “white room” where I was strapped into a chair, legs in the stirrups and given a thorough exam. Slowly and deliberate , MV began to turn from loving aunty into a scornful dom. She preened and posed and leered and smiled. She laughed as she held a mirror to my face to emphasized how pathetic she thought I looked. Each time I became to excited, she cooled me down with stern words or force. She kept reeling me in with sweet talk, and then casting me back out with some of the most effective verbal humiliation I’ve ever experienced. MV has the ability to smile as she tells you what a piece of *& she thinks you are. Her million dollar smile is a huge turn on. ~Palos Verdes, CA

Worth The Admission Fee!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time with you this afternoon. You are certainly worth the admission fee! ~Sydney, AUS

A Consummate Pro

Mistress Victoria’s facilities are as professional as she is. And she is a consummate pro. For me, this was at the same time a strange-otherworldly and completely natural experience. It’s just like going to the doctor— but FINALLY after years of denial and being closeted— you know all your unusual medical and submissive fantasies will be exposed and played with. Doctor Victoria understands you. She knows all your deeply hidden secrets because you will gladly tell her what they are. I only wish there had been a way for my body to record the entire event so I could play it back for the rest of my life. My feeble memories will have to do. Unless you are married to a dominant doctor (highly unlikely), I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. “It’s time for your enema.” What better words to hear than these? I have a lot of fears to conquer, and Mistress Victoria can gleefully plow through them all, one by one. ~Los Angeles, CA

Flying Off With A Smile

You are beautiful, elegant, delightful and very very good at what you do. Am flying off with a smile on my face from ear to ear. ~South Africa

More Toys And Equipment Than Most Big Houses

Beautiful and very nice. She will test your limits. She has more toys and equipment than most big houses. Ask her to dress however you want…she has a huge fetish collection Have fun! ~Atlanta, GA

Red Envelope In The Left Tit

You treated me firmly but professionally before we met. You were honest and reliable throughout the session. You listened to me and you pushed my boundaries just as they needed to be pushed. Few mistresses take control as diligently as you, and I hope I took my role sincerely enough for you. Now you can tell people this one guy waited two hours on a street corner wearing nylons, used panties and a bra with your money in a little red envelope in the left tit for you. And still this Mistress was worth it!  ~Richland, WA

Like A Week’s Vacation

As always, I had a fantastic time. Any visit with you is like a week’s vacation. For days after a session, the sensation of calm and focus is amazing. You are amazing! Thank you again. ~Pasadena, CA

After Care Was Wonderful

Our meeting was comfortable and very therapeutic. Your style is elegant. Your demeanor is perfect–experienced, professional, and with an element of humor. But the bondage fixations (and you are beautiful) were very “official” and seriousness was conveyed very well, and playfully. And the aftercare was wonderful and very unhurried. That makes a huge difference, over being led to the door and “deal with it somewhere else. ~Omaha, NE

Pleasure And Pain

Thank you for the wonderful session the other night. I truly enjoyed my time with you. The combination of pleasure and pain was perfect. I hope to do it again the next time I am in LA. ~Pittsburgh, PA

Pin-Cushion Slave

Dear Mistress Victoria, I just wanted to say thank You for the session we had this afternoon. I felt completely satisfied, especially when it came for the pins!!!! Again thank You for such a good time, Your pin-cushion slave…

Spiked Glove On My Private Parts

After my last appointment I was so excited that as soon as I got home I emailed and asked her for another meeting. This time I asked her to raise the physical and emotion intensity several notches! It took a week to get the appointment, but boy was it worth the wait! As soon as we entered, she had me sit on a hard wooden chair in the middle of the room while she went and changed into a super tight spandex micro-mini dress and heels. We started in the powder room again but this time she made me up as a total slut. She made me beg for it. Throughout the next two hours, MV kept posing choices to me. Would I rather change back into my street clothes and spend the time with a beautiful woman or would I prefer to be transformed into a slut. Over and over and over she insisted that I say aloud the fantasies I wanted her to help me realize. She would carefully set me up so that I was convinced that she wanted her to help me and that she understood what I wanted. Then WHAM, out of no where would come a slap on the face, or she would spit on me, or whip me. i spent a long time with a spiked glove on my private parts that dug in like a thousand ice picks every time I was excited. For two hours, I was slapped, smothered, spanked, whipped and totally humiliated. Every time I thought a reprieve was coming, she poured it on harder. At one point, she took a break to eat some cup-of-noodles. She chewed and spit some on the floor for me to lick up. I stood behind the bathroom door, unable to see as she filled a glass for me. When she raised it to my lips so that I could drink, she instead dumped it on my head and laughed hysterically. Basically, when I asked MV to bring it up a level or three, she took my word. A few times I thought I might not be able to go on, but never once needed to resort to the safe word. After 2 + hours I found myself handcuffed, wearing nothing but red panties, and my face mummified with plastic wrap. MV poked a small whole in the wrap with her finger and began laughing at me as she spit into my mouth.
If you have any interest in S&M, mild to heavy, this woman is a pro!

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