Crossdressing & Sissification

Los Angeles Crossdressers, experience the ultimate in crossdressing and sissification, with head to toe, full dressing makeovers or forced male to female feminization for the obstinate, with strict accountability and servitude. Prissy sissies, sissy maids, transvestites, nylon & panty femme boys, role play, fetish exploration, events and much more.

Transforming men into a ultra-feminine perfect lady, requires experience, discipline and absolute attention to detail. Head to toe beatification. Experience the full treatment of being feminized. High heel training, posture and more. Lifestyle crossdressers build your confidence and embrace your cross-dressing desires. Express your inner woman and realize your most fantastic dreams. Makeovers, escorted outings, beauty tips & tricks. Your search is over. Visit Mistresses, newest (sister site) Ditta Von Pink. An exclusive CD/TG/TV dressing service. Los Angeles Crossdressing.


Sissy males enjoy a stern and demanding Mistress dressing them in pretty maids’ outfit. Being a genuine Sissy Maid is all about serving and obeying a woman who possesses and totally controls you. You must prove, how badly they want to serve Me. Starting out as an inexperienced male, you’ll be properly named, dressed and expected to complete My Sissy Maid School Program. You’ll learn how to properly walk in heels, when and how to curtsy. You’ll learn how to clean, cook and if necessary, suck.

Understanding your masculinity, is no longer enjoyable for women, your life is given a new purpose. If your the slutty type, from the moment you enter, you’ll be stripped of all boy evidence. Newly dressed, wearing lipstick like a cheap tart, you’ll be forced, to do the unimaginable. Dressed liked a slut, you’ll act like slut. Stripping submissive men of their manhood, turning them into trashy little tarts, for Mistresses entertainment. You will feel the total treatmet of being forced feminized.

Boys who crave to be a girl, are constantly getting into trouble and require strict guidance from an authoritative Female. Once transformed into a lingerie model, sexy secretary or house tart, newly feminized sissy’s will be properly disciplined, and their behaviors modified, as to, best serve the House. A strict program with activities designed for femme boys in trouble. Head Mistress Victoria Hunter, transforms unruly male students into demure, submissive, utterly convincing, she-male girly girls.

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Discipline & Corporal Punishments

  • The Salon

    All Thing Sissy, Prissy, Pink & Girly

  • Sissy Maid Dresses

    Sissy dresses & maid uniforms, now custom made, by Mistresses in-house seamstress!

  • Forced Womanhood

    Ms. Victoria’s Interview is now out! The world’s only print magazine dedicated to Forced Feminization


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