Your Telephone Calls & Emails

Walk in My shoes for a week and you’ll understand why I’ve dedicated a section on communication. These are common sense telephone and email reminders often forgotten. Don’t blow your first impression, follow these scripts when calling. I will know whether you’ve read it. Do you really want Me to punish your more?

your telephone calls emails Mistress Victoria Hunter Los Angeles Dominatrix trains slaves on correct dungeon communication  visitors requesting sessions are punished for failing

If you are a nervous beginner say so, I will understand and grant you a bit more time to express yourself.

 Properly introduce yourself, in the first 3 seconds, or Mistress will lose it quickly (a proper introduction, below.)

 Telephone messages left, without proper introduction and a clear stated purpose, get zero response.

I may answer calls while in public, without the computer in front of Me and/or have the freedom to speak openly. I will listen as you introduce yourself properly, supplying all information I need (a proper introduction, below.) Be prepared to speak to Me promptly and concisely and address Me as, Mistress or Mistress Victoria.

Lastly, most Legitimate Mistresses in the States and Abroad are known to Me and I to them. If you’re not sure you visited an Authentic Mistress then say so.

Email Reminders

 Well constructed email inquiries, those with a proper introduction (below) and clear stated purpose, will receive a reply within 24-48 hours.

 Always, use the same email address and same name with Me. If they’ve changed, include the former for referencing (a proper introduction, below.)

My email replies are complementary. If you require more of My attention, then what, 1 or 2 emails will suffice, I will ask you to submit a session tribute, so I can dedicate proper time for you.

 When I do reply back, I expect you to follow through with a response within 24 hours…even if…it is to cancel your request. Insincere contacts, are noted.

Managing Email & Calls

To insure privacy for all, I alone, read emails and listen to voice messages. Although best practice for My profession, it can be energy sucking. I have however, systems in place, so as to, maintain balance in My personal life and easily identify & weed out, insincere session requests and time wasters. Sharing this, you might understand, why I need, what I need from you.

  • Opening My Email

    I only handle email twice a day, morning & evening and only from a desk top computer, never a 3.5″ screen. When I say “it’s best to call” or “telephone only” this is why.

  • Returning Email & Calls

    I respond to scheduling matters first, then to “properly constructed” inquires (see, “A Proper Introduction”) If you need a quick reply, it’s best to call.

  • Replying to Session Requests

    Previous visitors in good standing & new applicants who submitted what I asked, including their deposits, have seniority.

  • A Private Line

    Once I’ve met & successfully sessioned with you, a non-published line is available, enabling direct contact & a priority appointment for your next visit. All callers from this line, started out as, newbies.

What To Do,
when I don’t reply or reply with, “Go Back & Read, The Visitor Section.” Review your communication to Me, make the corrections & resend or call again.

A Proper Introduction

It’s not only My nervous newbies who need this, it’s also for callers who’ve visited once, 7 years ago, named john, bill or bob. Whether by telephone or email, please properly introduce yourself, so I know, who I am addressing. Use these scripts to assist you & because it best serves Me.

 New Visitor

Hi Mistress, my full name is john smith;

  • I got Your name from (which advertisment?) or I found Your site (which site?) online by googling (what did you google?)
  • We’ve never spoken before and no previous email communication.
  • We’ve never spoke before, but i sent You email and/or application (email address?)
  • We spoke, and/or, i left you a message (last week, month, year?)
  • The reason for my call, I’m a beginner wanting to schedule a session (what type, when and how long?) and/or have questions.
  • The reason for my call, I’m experienced (which Mistress?) and want to schedule a session (what type, when and how long?) and/or have questions.
 Returning Visitor

Hi Mistress, my full name is john smith;

  • I’ve seen You before (last week, last month, last year?)
  • I’m calling to schedule a session (what type, when and how long?)
  • I sent an application previously (email address, used previously?)

For many of you, this may not, even apply (well done!) nevertheless, here they are; the areas I personally view as one’s downfall. Always a challenge for Me to express, balancing the tone of My words, so I do not further add to your apprehension. Not wishing to spend further energy on this, the bottom line is; Mistress wants you to be an informed visitor. So just, put your big boy panties on and suck it up. Take a moment to review now – so you won’t regret it later.